Hi, my name is Brian Dunaway and I am a podcaster, artist, thinker and deal finder.

My mom always said that her grandpa used to always say …

Don’t just give your money away – papa

He grew up during the great depression…. so when it comes to holding onto money…well he knew how to horde it in his mattress and beat people with baseball bats. I don’t think the latter was important…but it does illustrate his badass resolve to holding onto his money.

So that is why you are here. You want to save a little money while enjoying the spoils of the internet. Well you are in luck. Because that is my mission as well.

When I find a deal….I will post it here…as well as on my twitter feed where all this stuff got started. Hashtag #DunawayDeals

Now go away. I got deals to find.



Seriously…where is my bat.


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